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Those who appreciate our services don’t necessarily like or have time to do bookkeeping and accounting. They understand that in order to be successful, it needs to get done with consistent quality. Our clients generally tend to be busy, or sometimes frazzled and stressed out. We love to produce results again and again collectively as a team.


Melissa Guy


As a spunky mother of 3, CEO of Unchained Financial Services, an Enrolled Agent and Eva Rosenberg’s Official ‘Tax Nerd’, Melissa brings with her 20+ years of tax and accounting experience.

Melissa uses that wealth of knowledge to make sure Unchained Financial Service Clients receive solid business planning strategies. Together Melissa and the financial team build customized client packages that suit a client’s specific industry needs. Knowing, no two businesses are alike, our team works together to tailor packages. Packages are based on the companies needs as well as the individual’s desires.

Unchained Financial Services networks with other industries such as insurance agents and lenders, website designers as well as marketers to help get startups off the ground with full HR Setups at affordable rates.

The Unchained Financial Team keeps existing businesses running at full speed with impeccably clean, well-planned bookkeeping. From Startup to Accounting, Tax Planning and even Resolution, the team works tirelessly to help “Unchain” business owners from their desks and get them back out fulfilling their dreams of growing their businesses.

In Melissa’s down time she loves to get together with her family throughout the country. You can often find her dragging out her Nikon for a day of non-stop photo taking with her kiddos or at the many hidden gems in the culinary world in her local LA area.


Abbilene Overton

Chief Financial Officer

Abbilene is a certified Unchained Financial Services Accounting Wizard (still no letter from Hogwarts though). She has been a Federal Auditor, Controller, and Accounting Manager for over 18 years. She worked for a CPA firm for years prior to starting Unchained Financial Services with Melissa. She is a QuickBooks Genius and Queen of Excel and iif files. Abbi manages the team and has experience working with all types of industries including automotive, manufacturing, non-profits, law firms, restaurants, and construction to name a few. It is never a dull day at UFS and you will often find Abbi saying “no worries”, “we got this”, “just grab a shovel and get started”, and “let’s make it work”. This positive outlook not only keeps a good work environment but it also helps her and the team problem solve. If a client needs a report, budget, analysis, or something else, she will not get decision-locked, but will instead find a way to make it happen. She is quirky, “Adorkable”, and gets the job done right. Outside of work Abbi is Captain of a Relay for Life Team, an avid golfer (thus she is handicapped), travels, coaches soccer, and is a chauffeur to her 2 kids for their many activities. Abbi loves to hang out with her 2 beautiful kids, awesome Husband of 12 years, and their ferocious 6 lb. attack dog, Cheddar.



Accountant, EA

(AKA “007” 0f Tax and Accounting)

As a former Midwest native and Graduate of the Northeastern University of Illinois, with her Bachelors in Accounting. Geri brings with her far more than the well-known Midwestern charm.  She also has her EA and has worked as an Accountant, Consultant, Controller and Financial Analyst. Perhaps that is why we gave her the name “007” in our office.  However, we have yet to discover whether she likes her martinis shaken or stirred.  She leaves no stones unturned when it comes to the savings and planning of a client’s Bookkeeping, Taxes, and Financials.   But don’t let her beautiful face and Midwestern charm fool you. Geri’s hobbies include kickboxing as well as spin classes, which is why we also utilize her, in our collections department.  😉



Accountant, CPB

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science degree, is an active Certified Bookkeeper through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers Association and holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management. She found her calling into the world of accounting over 14 years ago. Ever since then, she proudly enjoys, and looks forward to, ‘going to work,’ but coffee is still required. Michelle is an out-of the-box thinker and will tell you what needs to be done and all of it in her charming accent. Some industries that she has worked with include service, restaurant, insurance, law, and manufacturing.

Her life’s most rewarding moments include: creating new experiences with her active family by traveling and spending time outdoors.




Teri holds a Masters in Accounting in addition to over 10 years of hands on experience as a Full-Charge Bookkeeper. She previously left a prestigious CPA firm to join Unchained Financial Services and is currently pending her CPA license. Teri utilizes her tax and audit skills with experience in real estate, attorney trust accounting, membership & service companies, restaurants, automotive, and entertainment industries to provide clients with the best results. Teri, the Spreadsheet Diva, has a work ethic that most people could only hope to achieve. She enjoys working at Unchained Financial Services.

She enjoys traveling with her husband and seeing new places. In her free time she likes to sew dresses out of curtains for friends with her dog Boris!




“Pictures were drawn by the very talented, Andrew”

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