1. We are a virtual company. This means:

  • we don’t need office space
  • we can maintain your file offsite
  • we can house your QuickBooks file, where both you and us have real time access to it. You could even access it from home!
  • we can maintain a shared virtual file cabinet.
  • we are not locked into “normal office hours” and can work as needed on your file

2. We are contractors! No payroll taxes, No benefits, No overtime, No need to be locked into part-time or full-time needs, No L&I / Worker’s Comp., No work space needed. If you bring us in you are not locked into one person’s skill set or experience. We assign a bookkeeper to your file based upon your needs, but our whole team is available to assist that person if needed. You do not have to purchase your own QuickBooks software if you don’t want to.

3. All of our bookkeepers have been Accounting Managers /Controllers in the past and most have worked at a CPA or Financial Advisor Firm as well. We have Tax Accountants in house that can file your yearly taxes (personal and business). Unchained Financial Services is one-stop for all of your office needs. We can set-up your new business, clean-up an existing business, maintain your file, cover for your in-house bookkeeper while they are on leave. We can provide monthly or quarterly audit services to ensure that your company is secure and things are accounted for appropriately. We also offer training services. You can get the training you need to operate your business and be in your pajamas at the same time! Our staff has been back-ground checked and have been tested to prove their skill-set. Our staff is located in multiple states, so we have many areas “with feet on the ground” to assist if needed.

4. Flexibility. We can work as needed on your file. We have the flexibility to devote more time to setting up your business and then scaling back to your monthly needs. Unchained Financial Services has a wide variety of experience with different industries and accounting apps to help ensure that your business is as efficient and cost effective as possible. We are not locked in to always doing things the same way, we are flexible in our thinking and are great problem solvers. We know that no 2 businesses are alike. In a normal office environment if someone resigns it causes a lot of extra work trying to find their replacement and then train them. With AWB at the helm, there is fluid coverage and you don’t have to worry about growing and hiring additional staff. This type of plug-and-play flexibility is very valuable.

5. We have been doing this a long time and have great references!
Just check out our Yelp and Google reviews. We can also provide current/past client references if needed. We know what we are doing and have an excellent team. For the most part, we have all been there-done, done-that so we are not reinventing the wheel or figuring it out as we go. When we do encounter a new solution to a problem, whether it be a method or a software, we share that knowledge with the team so we are all stronger as a group.