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When it comes to managing a smaller sized business, being smart with your finances is one of the key factors that can either stunt or improve your company’s growth. A well-organized company with proper bookkeeping procedures in place along with consistent payroll auditing and balancing enjoys the type of advantage that are usually only associated with larger companies who have the excess payroll to afford in-house bookkeeping staff. For those smaller companies throughout San Jose that cannot afford to have their own bookkeepers on staff however, Unchained Financial Services is there to help you no matter what your needs are.

Founded on the idea that companies should pay only for the services that they actually use and need, we work closely with each business to determine the best solution for them, eliminating the costly services that simply do not help or make a difference for them. Some of our bookkeeping services include tax preparation both personally and professionally, payroll monitoring and auditing, managing accounts receivable as well as additional office management, human resources administration and even employee benefits administration. This way, no matter what your company may need to stay on the right track, you can count on our staff of professional bookkeepers to provide all of these bookkeeping and accounting services and much more, which gives you more time and energy to focus on all the other areas of your business.

Throughout San Jose there are tons of smaller to mid-sized businesses that rely on the bookkeepers at Unchained Financial Services to make sure that their financial and accounting records are impeccable and that is an expectation that we stop at nothing to attain. Outsourcing your company’s bookkeeping services to the experts at Unchained Financial Services will help save you time, effort and money while leading to your company’s financial records being in better shape than ever. Using the latest edition of Quickbooks, we will have your company’s records updated and audit-ready along with full transparency so no matter what you need or when you need it, we will be there to help you every step of the way.

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