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If your company is looking for specialists who are trained and familiar with the “Cole Memo” and IRC 280E, look no further than Unchained Financials Services. Our Enrolled Agents have been trained in the bookkeeping and tax laws regarding this specialized industry. UFS follows closely US Tax Court cases involving the Industry to stay ahead of any changes that might impact their clients’ businesses.

Services Offered

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Setting Up New Books
  • Quickbooks Handling
  • Payroll Services
  • Collection & Sales & more…

Being prepared is a hallmark of success to businesses of all sizes but while larger businesses may have the payroll necessary to handle aspects like bookkeeping and the financial responsibilities that come with owning and operating a business but for smaller businesses that do not necessarily have the available funds to handle these tasks in-house, it can be a time-consuming endeavor should you try to accomplish it on your own while balancing the other concerns and responsibilities that come with running a smaller to middle sized business.

For small businesses in Portland, Oregon that are looking to outsource their bookkeeping to a third party company of bookkeepers that they can trust, Unchained Financial Services offer bookkeeping services and a wide variety of accounting services as well to help ensure that your business’ financial records stay properly organized and well maintained. The staff at Unchained Financial Services will make sure that whether it is Quickbook’s setup or Quickbooks management for your financial records, we will use the latest version of the Quickbooks program to ensure that your records are kept easily accessible to you and up to date. Transparency and customer service are two of our core foundations, meaning no matter what bookkeeping services you need, it is easier than ever to know what we are doing and why, giving you total oversight of this crucial part of your business.

By taking advantage of our wide variety of bookkeeping services, you will be able to further place more attention and effort on expanding your business and making sure that your employees are happy, along with any improvements needed and other issues that may arise that demand your full attention. Portland is known as a home to hundreds of unique and up and coming small businesses and there is no better way to help your company stand out from the rest then by choosing to trust Unchained Financial Services with all of your bookkeeping and accounting needs. Our specialty is in understanding what makes each company unique and the best way to properly plan to manage and organize everything from the human resources administration to the tax preparation and filing.

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11918 SE Division St #1070,
Portland, OR 97266


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