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The businesses throughout city that never sleeps deserves workers who will do the same for them. New York is home to some of the largest companies in the entire world, not to mention hundreds of smaller businesses vying to make a name for themselves in one of the largest markets throughout the country and across the world. While large corporations can afford to handle everything in-house regardless of cost, for smaller businesses it is important to make every cent count when it comes to handling the financial side of things, while proper bookkeeping and financial records make every other aspect of a business run that much smoother.

Specializing in working with smaller to medium sized companies, the expert bookkeepers at Unchained Financial Services do just that: help make your business run smoother by offering superior bookkeeping services and additional accounting services. Offering a wide array of services including; Quickbooks setup and management using the latest versions of the program, tax preparation and tax auditing, accounts receivable management and human resources administration as well as payroll management, taxes and end of year processing and auditing among any other service your company may need.

Allowing you more time to devote on your business is the belief that we were founded on and our attention to detail and focus on delivering superior customer service has made us one of New York’s premiere bookkeeping service providers for years. We offer a wide variety of flexible and affordable rates for your company, whether you need hourly or quarterly pricing or even prices per project or flat rate, we will work to offer competitive rates that are cheaper than the competition and that ensure you that your business is able to receive the type of high quality work that it deserves.

If your small to medium sized business is in need of quality bookkeepers or other accounting services or you think that we may be able to help you, please call or contact us today for a free estimate and see how the experts at Unchained Financial Services can help you take your business to new highs.

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